Meet your heart beat faster, do not see your mood becomes bad, dream of your time slip too fast, have you is the next life of waiting?

Life can only be understood by looking back, but life must be dealt with forward.

Some happiness, can not leave persistent; Some happiness, rely on put down. Nothing is absolute. Young heart, is an old plough, silently work, only to harvest. But not every seed will germinate. How many mountains and rivers do you have to wade through before you really understand that putting down and persisting is a kind of pursuit. Pursuit, does not mean indomitable. Water around the wisdom of the stone, orchid clean self love indifferent, are the pursuit. If you want, chase. If you can’t, let go.

Is not love the deeper the more deep hurt, then why I seriously.

Life, there will always be unexpected warmth, and endless hope.

In our love, I want to say sorry to you twice. I’m sorry. I should have known you sooner, taken better care of you. I’m sorry, anyway, I’m going to live longer than you, because I don’t want you to feel lonely because of my loss.

If you miss the cecum, then cut it off, but I miss you is my heart.

I am not rich, give you not much, only a little bit: love a little bit sweet, family harmony a little bit, health a little bit, children naughty a little bit, mood in full bloom, happiness explosion a little bit, happy a little bit more!

Regardless of bitter, hot, sour and sweet, let the smile accompany! Regardless of the horizon, let the blessing overflow! No matter the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, let true love forever! Dear, generation after generation, love your heart will never change!

Look back with a smile, just to get her heart a wisp; You are the air, let me not calm breathing; You are three meals, to occupy my body and mind; You are the clock, every moment of my thoughts point to you; Just want to say three words: I love you!