Just hear your name will smile, this feeling is not even used to.

I want is a lifetime, not for a while.

Time has never stopped its walking, even if we hide in a no disturbance Xanadu. Also still want to see spring flowers autumn moon, to experience life and death.

You don’t have to pay anything, as long as enjoy the love I give you is enough.

If I have a day of life, that day I want to be your girlfriend, I have a day of life? — – no.

94, if each other earlier, maybe not and another person. Or meet a little later, late to the two people in their own love experience slowly learn tolerance and understanding, kindness and compromise, maybe when they come together, will not give up so easily, willful turn around, let go of love. No one step earlier and no one step later, it is too rare fate.

It takes a minute to feel for a person, an hour to like a person, and a day to fall in love with a person, but it takes a lifetime to forget a person, and you are the one I can’t forget.

I love you, like a tractor climbing, with vigour and vitality; I miss you, like the Arctic day, never dark; I read you, like a rest of the wooden fish, knock a non-stop; For you, even if let me kneel every day instant noodles, also willing to!

All the oath, are in order to foil the existence of love, love after the death of words.