Hand in hand, without you to share the happiness is boring, without your companion life is bleak, without you together life is a pity……

Without you, there is no me! Without love, there is no love.

143, if your heart is always closed ears, is I say ten thousand words you also can’t hear. If you have me in your heart, even if I don’t say anything, just one look will tell you how much I love you.

I want to hold your hand for a walk in the park, I want to hug you on the rough shore.

We are young because we are too stubborn, so we missed the love that should last forever.

You ask me how long I love you, I said how long I love you.

I am still thinking of you, still will always love you, all want to well.

A inkstone brush and ink for who, a beauty for who stay.

Like your feeling, how to say, warmer than the winter stove, sweet than the summer cake.

Miss you, is purple; Our love, is white; In my eyes, you are red; In your heart, I am blue; Our life is colorful; Without you, my world is grey!