Enjoy the ebb and flow, looking at your most beautiful smiling face; Spend the flowers bloom, looking at you my love is gorgeous; Romance is the declaration of love, care is the promise of love, give you a happy life, true love will never change!

109, if you insist that something is right, it is very likely to be right.

I don’t need what Gao Fu handsome, but a true love I hurt I care I miss me.

The first time I met you, the second time I like you, the third time I fell in love with you, the fourth time I dreamed of you, the fifth time I miss you!

112, Dreams always seem so far away until they come true.

Some roads, regardless of prosperity and loneliness are doomed to a person to go.

In the rain, loudly say to you, I only love you.

I want to be with you forever, cherish every minute of love. When you are very old, there is still your gentle embrace and my sweet smile, still in your arms, with you look at one eye, and then silly smile.

Love the need to be sincere, dispute when the need to communicate, angry when the need to calm, happy when the need to share, blame when the need to understand, the need to inclusive life

Many people caught my eye, but only you attracted my heart.

Holding your hand, no matter where I am, I feel like I’m running toward heaven.

Even if the world has forgotten you, there will always be a few people at the beginning of your life, say: Happy birthday.

Women like men who can make themselves laugh. Men like a woman who can make them laugh.