If you can, I would like to be your most trusted harbor, waiting for you when the wind and rain; If I can, I would like to be the scenery you look forward to the most, waiting for you when lonely, love you will wait for you!

Missed the sunrise can wait, missed the beauty can come again, missed the meteor can wait, missed love but will not come back! Cherish the people around you, personality is you love and love you.

123, If you insist that something is right, it is very likely to be right.

I hope I can kiss you before going to bed, I hope I can hold you when I sleep, I hope I can see you when I wake up! Always hope so, forever and ever.

Only know that it is time to take the flowers, will love reserved under the oath.

She taught me to smile, he taught me to cherish, who taught me to forget?

I believe your tenderness ~ only to me, I will cherish everything ~ you

Dear, remember to tell yourself every day, to smile sweet, even if there are all heartbreak.

Any one person to leave you are not suddenly made the decision, the heart is slowly turning cold, the leaves are gradually turning yellow, the story is slowly written to the end, and love, because of too much disappointment, just become not love.