Even if life is a cup, we want to play this cup, don’t lose the cup of splendor and joy; Even if life is a dream, we also want to have a taste of the dream, do not lose the dream of love and fun.

I hope that no matter how much later experience even have their own life also do not forget such a beautiful friendship

If you can’t see me tomorrow. So, good morning, good afternoon and good night.

I sit beside the lonely, miss sitting beside me; Written on the heart wall, you will come to my atrium; The night wind suddenly open the window, do not see your heart cold; Temporarily put insomnia on the bed, waiting for you to come to sleep. Love, don’t forget!

For loved ones, on the left side of the heart to retain position, is the most happy thing.

135, finally for the Jiangnan misty rain covered the world, Ronghua Xie, but a, mountains and rivers forever lonely.

I ran, in order not to let myself feel lonely.

137, love is like midnight cramps, will suddenly be very awake, and then pain, but there is no way to control.

Not because of happiness to smile, but because smile is happy. No matter how others to you, it is someone else’s business, the biggest enemy is always yourself, there is no who sorry you, who owe you, out of the shadow is the winner of life, can not go out of the neuropathy, blame yourself.

Crowded, not easy to be together, so I cherish it.

The warmth of my life is so much, I gave you all, but you left me, you told me how to smile to others later.