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We are very happy

We are very happy, love has nothing to do with the region, we have no money, but work together, happiness is simple. I am your hot day fan, sick when the medicine; Sad laugh, lonely when rely on; Give you a hug whenever you need it. I want you to know that no matter how …


We put down the dignity

We put down the dignity, put down the personality, put down the stubborn, all because can not put a person. I wait for a lifetime, not for your moment of gaze. Thank heaven and earth for letting us meet, thank fate for letting us acacia, thank life for letting us know each other, thank you …


Very occasionally

Very occasionally, you will find me, contact me, your sudden appearance, or will stir up my heartstrings. Just, I also learned to disguise to you, not cold not hot, not salty not light, smile heartless, also won’t flow that cheap tears. Then listen to you whisper “You’ve changed.” 152, follow the footsteps of romance, find …