Very occasionally, you will find me, contact me, your sudden appearance, or will stir up my heartstrings. Just, I also learned to disguise to you, not cold not hot, not salty not light, smile heartless, also won’t flow that cheap tears. Then listen to you whisper “You’ve changed.”

152, follow the footsteps of romance, find the path of happiness, sweet feeling ups and downs; Listen to the message of happiness, staring at the screen of love, unrepentant infatuation clear; Love has no source and no end! Marry me must be happy!

Don’t ask me love you deeply, the Yellow River represents my heart. Don’t ask me how long I miss you, it is as long as the Great Wall; Don’t ask me how fast I am tempted to you, it is faster than changing face. Such a traditional confession, don’t you understand?

You are my eyes, take me to appreciate the changes of the four seasons.

Happiness is a gift, the secret of getting it is not expecting, only when it comes to enjoy.

Even if life is a cup, we want to play this cup, don’t lose the cup of splendor and joy; Even if life is a dream, we also want to have a taste of the dream, do not lose the dream of love and fun.

Not in debauchery in the bad, is in the silence of abnormal.

Like arms lie down quietly, like the night slowly fall asleep.

159, you feel like: stir-fry without salt, apple is not too sweet, shopping forget to take money. When I am free, I will miss you. I just… Do nothing but think of you!

I want to grow up with you, grow old with you, and meet death with you.