We are very happy, love has nothing to do with the region, we have no money, but work together, happiness is simple.

I am your hot day fan, sick when the medicine; Sad laugh, lonely when rely on; Give you a hug whenever you need it. I want you to know that no matter how long you are married, this love never changes tune.

You hold me in your arms, transfer the temperature of your body. These are my most beautiful and happy picture, but how long will it take? I hope it doesn’t snow on your side.

The familiar strings rang again, but it was not the one who played for me.

A heavy rain left us, two people are no longer strangers.

Only because of you, to find the ideal of happiness.

Every time I see your smiling face, I will feel easier to go in the future.

Time has never stopped its walking, even if we hide in a no disturbance Xanadu. Also still want to see spring flowers autumn moon, to experience life and death.

Love is the spark of life, the sublimation of friendship, the anastomosis of the heart.

The next love song, the word to you fill, see who you are still high king.