We put down the dignity, put down the personality, put down the stubborn, all because can not put a person.

I wait for a lifetime, not for your moment of gaze.

Thank heaven and earth for letting us meet, thank fate for letting us acacia, thank life for letting us know each other, thank you really let us love each other, thank you, let me happy warm!

You are a happy bird, carefree flying in my heart, I really hope you will always sing a happy song, accompany in my side, from now on, you and I are no longer lonely, do the stars embellish life, brilliant long!

Love is not a vanity, to take it out in front of everyone to show off; Love is not a beautiful dress, to wear in the outside for everyone to appreciate; Love is not a task, to have a close family and friends to explain. Love is your own thing, you are happy or not happy, only you know.

Simple life, in fact, very happy; Silly alive, in fact, very happy.

I love you, in your eyes has become I hinder you.

You cannot ask for a stormy ocean of life, for pain and suffering are part of life. An ocean without a storm. It’s not a sea. It’s a puddle.

The best smell in the world, is holding you, the taste of your body.

170, The future will not come out of nothing, it will come out of this moment, the next moment will come out of this moment. If this moment is beautiful then the next must be more peaceful and joyful. Sunshine mottled and languid lazy shine on the body, whole person begins to become dimly ethereal, the line of sight resembles the kite that broke a line, aimless sway, until hang high in the sky, become 45 degrees Angle sad look up.