Thank you at the beginning of the dead tie rotten dozen achievement of our love now.

At the beginning, we know that there will always be an end.

My world, without you for a long time. Occasionally think of, recall the past, those who are no longer clear, those who are gradually drifting away from the past, I have no great joy, no great sadness. I do not expect a vigorous love, also afraid of affirmation.

Dare not expect to use reduced to change your unease.

195, the most like the snow, because you told me to wear thick clothes, so in winter, there is a reason to like.

If you don’t love me, please don’t say sorry when you leave.

197, All I can do is spoil you, in the simplest way, the most practical action.

Gently open the winter window, static to see the snowflakes floating, wish branches sprout, so think of, dear you okay? Really miss you!

I want happiness, the whole world, only you can give.

You are my warm gloves, with a sunny shirt, day after day dream.