The root of all human suffering comes from not knowing who we are, and blindly clinging to things that don’t represent us.

Grow up, more than a insist, less a frivolous.

If time goes back, I want to meet you in a more beautiful time.

There are always some very strange things in the world sometimes when you fall in love with a person, you will always think of his figure, when you are alone, will look forward to accompany in your side is him. If it is unrequited love, some timid people, will secretly hide to look at him, wait and wait…… The kind of person who doesn’t give up until the end is really, really stupid. Perhaps crazy waiting for but is disappointed.

There is always a person’s name, is all the reasons you refuse to others.

Just to beat you look back and smile, enchanting.

Distance is not because of love, but because of love and dare not close.

Happiness is a gift, the secret of getting it is not expecting, only when it comes to enjoy.

You are my sun, you are my only faith.

I want to tell you loudly, you have always been in my world.