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2 the world

Clear ripples engraved on the stone, and then think of the lake umbrella you. Love with waves flat, but can not erase the sad floating shadow. Once upon a time, longing for a blue sky belonging to the world of two people, looking forward to the future elegant and elegant life. Things are difficult to …


A hot heart

I use a hot heart and hot emotion, complete a love of support. I have sent you far away with special lines. I have used beautiful language, send you to the end of the world. I almost used up all the beautiful words, will be carved with your past. By now, spring is gone, and …


Love sad sayings

1, care is a kind of sad happiness, when you care about a person, you will think he is also worried about you. Because like to care, because care and sad, to feel each other’s care. Care is a romance, a deep, a pure beauty, a simple. 2, I want to love is not a …


It looks like the sky

Walking on the muddy path, looking at the sky, gray, just like my heart. There is no warm sunshine, no breeze, look up and sigh: am I happy? Childhood does not have that belongs to their own happiness, there is only the white eyes of others, childhood does not have that belongs to their own …