Walking on the muddy path, looking at the sky, gray, just like my heart. There is no warm sunshine, no breeze, look up and sigh: am I happy? Childhood does not have that belongs to their own happiness, there is only the white eyes of others, childhood does not have that belongs to their own maternal love, there is only other fear of death…… Young, do not belong to their own dreams, only a want to live a very good hope, if I want to choose that represents the “happiness index” of 1 ~ 7, I will choose on behalf of the very unfortunate “1”, or will choose on behalf of the very happy “7”? The question forced me to confront the time I had passed. Perhaps the misfortune of my childhood is the reason why I like to help others today. I don’t want to let those who have experienced the same grievance as me suffer. Without motherly love, I have more respect for my mother. I prefer to chat with aunts of my mother’s generation, and I prefer to have a heart to heart with those peers who are angry with my mother, telling them the value of motherly love. Therefore, I became a very sensible child, at this time I feel very happy. Fortunately or unfortunately, at this time for me, really do not know how to choose. When I am lonely, I ask myself why I am so lonely. Choose “1”! “A voice told me. However, when I climbed to the top of the mountain alone or studied under the willow shade alone, I realized that loneliness is not bad for me. I once let myself sleep alone, but I will wake up eventually. When I wake up, I will be surprised at the rare good dream and the peace, and think of such a sentence: “From the fear of loneliness to enjoy loneliness is a leap of the heart, but also a kind of happiness…” Their growth let me understand that happiness and misfortune is just their own mentality. If you feel that you are happy, whether you are in a storm or in the sun, you will feel happy; Whether you are the richest man or you live in a cold, shabby, dirty hut, you will think you are very happy. Whether poor or not, I believe that as long as you believe that you are happy, you must be happy, happiness can be cultivated. A Hong Kong star was flying to the mainland when she was angry with a reporter. She suddenly felt very unlucky. When she saw the happy face of a stewardess, she asked her how she could have such a bright smile on her face. Stewardess said happiness can be cultivated, every day in front of the mirror smile, see if their mouth up…… The plane arrived at the airport, reporters saw a face filled with a happy smile actress, as the stewardess said, happiness can be cultivated. When we walk on the muddy path, let ourselves face with a smile, believe that no matter how difficult the road we can come to an end. Please raise your smile, take your step forward! The gray sky, just because of your smile, will become a charming sunny day! Raise the sail of dream, write “I am very happy”, set sail! Happiness is determined by you and me, as long as you open my heart window, you can float to the harbor of happiness!