1, care is a kind of sad happiness, when you care about a person, you will think he is also worried about you. Because like to care, because care and sad, to feel each other’s care. Care is a romance, a deep, a pure beauty, a simple.

2, I want to love is not a lifetime don’t quarrel, but quarrel can be a lifetime.

3, some people can’t afford to fail more than once. So weak!

4, how many people have admired your young face but who can stand the vicissitudes of time.

5, the road of youth twists and turns, one of the biggest stumbling block is love.

Give up what you can’t get, is also a kind of happiness for yourself.

7, you are my hot water bag, warm care, cold winter enveloped in the window, I am to rely on you, the sun turn star transference does not change, but you accompany my house, as long as you are still in the heart warm is all your love.