Clear ripples engraved on the stone, and then think of the lake umbrella you. Love with waves flat, but can not erase the sad floating shadow. Once upon a time, longing for a blue sky belonging to the world of two people, looking forward to the future elegant and elegant life. Things are difficult to know, wake up, sorrowful, far-away sigh that you quietly left, sad beginning, tears soak liver and gut, intend to find you drift away, but the sea endless way, once lost to make me lonely pillow difficult sleep. The material is less than a few years, but a few degrees sunset red, sentimental way from sad, worry about the human feeling cool.

Countless nightmare situations, heart injury, all day long hesitation, finally can not bear the floating heart, ready to go, already expected the hardship in the meantime. Several reincarnation, ten years of time fleeting, but you in where also do not know. Wind and rain all the way with me, the wind trace where to find. If you really do not meet, it is useless to force, if you really meet, you can think of things are different, all will no longer exist. Can only return home, waiting for the next reincarnation.

Now, it is ten years, recall the past beauty, not a taste, when the Tanabata festival, constantly emerge in the heart of the past, tears sigh, especially do not understand a few heavy life dream. The long way of life, how can every year good scenery; Seat seat wind and rain bridge, how can everywhere good mood. Where to hide the dream, from the sadness, tears broken Poison river, love lead where. It is better to drink a cup of wine, alone under the shadow of the moon to enjoy the secluded area, looking back to think, it is a good prescription. Any heart hurt heavily, but also have a kind of love in pain. Stay in the beautiful scenery, the mind exile, all pay the dream.