I use a hot heart and hot emotion, complete a love of support.

I have sent you far away with special lines. I have used beautiful language, send you to the end of the world. I almost used up all the beautiful words, will be carved with your past. By now, spring is gone, and summer is dressed up, ready to fail. I sat alone under the lamp, looking through the dusty poems, was shocked by their tenderness.

It is from the original sad beauty, it is the faint blur of the green, it is on the Liuzhou head romantic, is a legend, is also a kind of false.

Perhaps, love the nature, receives the favor day ze rain, perhaps the love is rooted in the soil, absorbed the nutrition of mountains and rivers, perhaps, love attached to the time, if ivy leaves, in the reincarnation of the season, always crawling bobbed up of time, will be a sad dream into wooden division gauze net, let some meet the landscape into a flower.

If love has providence, that is the end of today, you have come to your end, I also burned out my lovesickness. When you are silent, I am also silent. Crazy once upon a time, into the shore flowers, I can only turn a blind eye, only let the scent of precipitation in the heaven and earth, or can be gathered condensation, in ten million, after the lava of refinement, from the most active volcano in eruption, there will be a bunch of bright wonder to the world, such as transparent as crystal, like emerald sparkling, or, as charming as obsessed as amber.

This is a secret journey, I need to hold back, like an emperor in disguise, the heavy mission into a light bag, to endure the dishonor, or hurried, or slowly, to the wilderness, to search for an unknown answer. Perhaps, I can no longer come to a love of the chant, perhaps, I will love imprisoned from now on, perhaps, I will never to the distance to sprinkle poetry. But not in some busy, will be pure and fresh graffiti.

If love has God’s will, it is to let some acacia into cocoons, overnight cocoons into butterflies, dance in the garden full of courtyard fragrance, or change decadence into magic, stimulate the potential of the bone, let a stroke of sublimation for poetry, achievement of Lanting, compilation of a legend of Luoyang paper expensive. And I used a plain thin pen, to your yellowing image, withered smile, with relish, will eventually become a stream into the ocean, but in the blink of an eye, suddenly realized the mystery. I am just the water full moon, fog, and you are just driving a boat in the clouds, coming and going in the virtual time and space.

If LOVE HAS PROVIDENCE, THAT IS I WILL THE love FATE OF the previous life is not over, chase your footsteps of this life, BATH world transpiration strong fireworks, ARRIVED between the landscape THAT you STAY, owe you all repay. Let the sea change, let the wind and rain, only the silent tears crystallized into candlelight, shaking in the moonless night. You know, I often upside down day and night, you know, I often look at the stars, how can you know, I often a person waste time, pity your gentle.

You don’t know, I have your heart sincerely blossom for nine hundred and ninety-nine rose, I already take you for a number of strong custom made shots, walk alone in the castle of ice and fire, unafraid to sinister conspiracy, above petty profit, fearless in the waves beat, calm, between your eyebrow eye enough to shake of the second half I drown.

It does not matter, in fact, known and unknown, this life is a journey is to not return, whitehead can hand is to make life complete, and alone life also has its own beauty of artistic conception, for example, I can miss, wantonly, for instance, I can come to a trip for said come away, pursue your whereabouts, gather a season of red bean, boil into the source of love.

If love has providence, can you pray heaven, the next life you for the other shore of the flower, I for ten miles of spring breeze, let purple swallow both crooning shallow singing, for you, only for you, send showers rain, provide for a spring